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    WanderFull Travel Experiences is here to make those dreams come true. Every year WanderFull Travel Experiences carefully plans mindful, engaging, guided humanitarian tours in developing countries.


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    Hello, my name is Shelley Adam and I am the owner/operator of WanderFull travel experiences. I am very passionate about helping people throughout our world and have been a dedicated volunteer since 2008. Most of my focus in the past has been in Bangladesh, Nepal and India at destitute childrens' homes with an incredible Canadian organization called Child Haven International. I am a mom of 3 very successful children and grandmother of 3 adorable grandchildren. I previously worked for an amazing little airline that could, you may have heard of it in Canada....WestJet. It is a highly successful airline and I was very honoured to work there for 12 years. I was a Customer Service Agent and base trainer in Comox on Vancouver Island for 8 years and then found my wings and enjoyed being a flight attendant for 4 amazing years. So putting my experience and my passion of helping people it seemed life was calling me to try a different direction. April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, killing nearly 9000 people and injuring 22000. Through my previous visits to Nepal I had made very special friendships, beyond special, these people became my family. I knew I needed to help, so with my husband Marc Adam we fundraised and partnered with Child Haven International to distribute aid in Nepal. This was more than a life changing experience for me, I realized my true calling. I found out about Disaster Aid Canada and met Concetta Anne McIntyre in April 2015 while sourcing out items to take to earthquake victims in Nepal. Anne and I became friends instantly, as we shared the same goals in life, to help those who are unable to help themselves in times of despair. I returned home to Canada and decided to retire from WestJet to pursue a full humanitarian path in life. Together with my friend, Michelle Edgar we started a program of Disaster Aid Canada in the Calgary area called Soap for Hope YYC in April 2016. This gave me the amazing opportunity to help people here in Canada as well as overseas. It also gave me the opportunity to introduce my love of travel and sharing a very cultural experience, while helping people in Nepal in May 2017. Soap for Hope YYC invited 3 volunteers plus Michelle and I to travel and deliver humanitarian aid to hundreds of people in the Kathmandu valley as well as adopting a village of 25 families in Eastern Nepal. With my contacts in Nepal we sourced out and visited 8 different organizations to donate aid to. To see my friends experience such a transformative experience it was another life changing moment for me. I realize that my life has been pointing me to this moment in time, to guide women who would love to help people in far away lands but are intimidated to do so on their own. So upon my return I stepped down from Soap for Hope YYC to dedicate all my energy and time to starting another amazing adventure.... the birth of WanderFull Travel Experiences..... I can't wait to share the world with many beautiful women!



    WanderFull Travel Experiences links humanitarian efforts with exciting travel experiences. The upcoming trip to Kathmandu, Nepal will be bursting with life changing adventures. Shelley Adam is the founder and guide of WanderFull travel experiences. She has extensive experience traveling in Asia and has made many amazing connections to ensure that all of the organizations are truly in need and responsible to the people of Nepal. You can feel safe with her capable knowledge. ...more



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