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Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino lovingly raised 21 beautiful children. Profoundly influenced by their 2 biological and 19 adopted children from a dozen different cultural backgrounds, Bonnie and Fred started Child Haven International. Child Haven International provides safe homes, educates and cares for over 1300 destitute and orphaned children in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet. This is their inspiring story, written for children. A true legacy of Kindness that needs to be shared.


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They decided to start a Home for children in India. Some of these children had Mommys and Daddys but were very very poor. They didn’t even have enough food for one meal a day! They were sometimes very hungry. This made the Mommys and Daddys very sad because they loved their children. They asked Bonniema and Fredpa for help. Bonniema said Bring your children to our Home!!! They will be safe here, they can live here and get clean water and food and clothes AND go to school!!! Many children came to Bonniema and Fredpas Home and some Mommys even came to work at the Home to help care for all the children!!!

Shelley Adam

"Shelley Adam is a proud supporter of Child Haven International since 2007. She discovered Child Haven after being invited to a fundraising dinner in Courtenay BC. In 2008, Shelley and her daughter spent 3 months at the Child Haven International home in Chittagong, Bangladesh. They had the good fortune of traveling to visit all the Child Haven homes in India, Nepal and Tibet with the founder Bonnie Cappuccino. Shelley returned to Canada after such a life changing journey, always thinking of the children she met. She was inspired to write this book to support Education costs for Child Haven International, as well as spread the word about how two people have saved the lives and given hope to so many beautiful children. Shelley and her husband Marc currently live in Calgary, Alberta. They have 3 children who have loves of their own….Matthieu & Chelsie, Nicole & Martino and Arianne & Brendan. Shelley and Marc are proud grandparents to Madelynn, Olivia and William. They travel as often as they can to give love and spend quality time with the children of Child Haven."

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